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Silicone Doll Kits

There are NO More Full Silicone Doll Kits in production at this time. There are none scheduled for the near future. 11-27-23

The only silicone doll kits available for now are the Bubbles cuddle babies awake and asleep.


I have always provided the highest quality silicone dolls kits available to collectors. This high quality over the years of creating quality  silicone dolls kits has been consistent, and my quality speaks for itself since I started making silicone dolls in 2007.   My silicone kits are made of 100% platinum cure SmoothOn silicone because I trust their products, and I feel they provide the best quality silicone. I recommend you use the paints and pigments, on your kits from smooth on and offer a sample silicone painting kit of these products as an option.   

All my silicone kits are made completely by me, I sculpt them from a lump of clay, I mold them, and I pour them right here in my studio. For awake kits, I use the best quality German glass eyes, which comes already set in the kits

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Kent Awake Edition is closed



Kent Silicone Kit Edition Closed



Bubbles Asleep Silicone Cuddle Baby Kit



Bubbles Silicone Kit



Asleep Sayge Full Silicone Kit



Alex & Ashby Kits Are Available



Willow kits are SOLD OUT, The edition is completed, there will be no more kits available.



Willow Silicone Kit SOLD OUT



Sayge and Tate Silicone doll Kits SOLD OUT



SOLD OUT Jenna Solid Silicone Kit



hope silicone doll

Full Silicone Kit Hope is SOLD OUT


charity kit

Full Silicone Kit Charity Sold Out



Edward Silicone Kit SOLD OUT

William silicone kit Sold Out


Zhen Auction

Zhen silicone kit Sold Out


ellie auction

Ellie by Bonnie Brown SOLD OUT


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