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KENT are full silicone kits were introduced in October 2022.

Kent Asleep edition is Closed

The kits are poured in the very soft silicone blend I use for my full silicone kits so they can be posed very realistically




Kent is sculpted in the likeness of a real newborn baby, and he looks like a newborn in every way.

Kent is an unlimited full silicone edition kit. We will only take as much orders can produce in a timely manner.

The dolls are approximately 7lbs 4 oz, This kit are 10.5" form head to the tips of the toes with their legs bent, also 19.5" from head to heel with their legs extended. Kent has a head circumference of 13.5".

The kits are in one piece and have a a soft neck that can turn easily so the baby does not look smothered when placed on his/her tummy because their neck turns from side to side.

The price of our raw materials like many things these days had increased significantly so we had increased the price of our kits. The kits will be $2250 USD plus shipping. The price of our options have not increased, but we have included for Kent the option to have full armatures. There will be five options available if you choose, Gender (boy or girl), Skin tone, ( Caucasian, Biracial, and Asian) of these first two choices, you have to choose one. The other 3 are optional, full armatures, $500, elbow armatures, $300, and a drink and wet system, $500. The drink and wet will not be visible in any way when looking at the doll. The dolls will also be available in both genders, your choose, do you want a boy or a girl.

This project will be handled completely by my husband, he does all the pouring and molding , and order fulfillment for silicone kits. I really have nothing more to do with the project, except that I am only the sculpting artist for this edition, he is producing the edition. You can contact him with any questions or concerns about your orders by emailing him at,

We are offering lay away up to 6 months for orders.


Lay away information

If you purchase your kit and Pay In Full you will get a discount because you paid in full.

If you choose Lay away you will have up to 6 months to finish paying for you kit. When you put a kit on lay away, it will be scheduled to be poured in 6 months from the date of when the lay away started. However, if you pay off the kit ahead of time the kit it will be poured in about 5-7 weeks after you have paid off the kit. If you choose to pay your kit off early, the kit has to be rescheduled to be ready for the earlier than the original 6 month date and also how soon it can be ready will reflect how many kits are scheduled at the time you pay off your kit.




One piece dolls NO JOINT in the neck

Kent is an Unlimited Edition

Weight- approximately 7lbs 4 oz

Length- 19.5" with their legs bent from head to toes and 19.5" with their legs extended from head to heel

Kent's head circumference of 13.5"

Choose Gender Boy or Girl Your choice

Base price $2200 plus shipping calculated based on your location.

Full armatures, $500

Elbow armatures, $300

Drink and wet system $500

See more pictures and the video below.


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