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Ethan Full Silicone Doll

Edition introduced 6-18-19


Ethan #6 full silicone doll is (SOLD)


Ethan #5 full silicone doll is SOLD 11-10-19


Ethan #4 full silicone doll is SOLD 9-27-19

I will have another edition doll available soon.


Ethan #3 full silicone doll is SOLD 8-27-19


Ethan #2 full silicone doll is SOLD 8-16-19


SOLD Ethan#1 Full Silicone Doll SOLD 7-10-19


The Ethan AP is has been SOLD 6-20-18.

I am not taking orders for this doll edition , like my other dolls in the recent past, they will be put up for sale after they are finished and ready to go home.

A little about this doll. Ethan is the AP(artist proof), the only one available in the edition 6-18-19. This doll is a new sculpt and my goal was to make this baby more pose-able to accomplish positions that can be a bit challenging for full silicone dolls. Sometimes I make a doll just to see how the doll is when it is finished in relation to my goals, and decide if any changes need to be made, this is what I call the artist proof. The artist proof is perfect and I am going to make be making a Limited edition of 6 of dolls as long as the mold does not break. The other dolls in the edition will have additional features the AP does not have. This doll has very soft silicone, elbow armatures only and an open mouth with gums tongue and a uvula.

The silicone is very soft on this doll, and the baby poses very well, and although the legs do not have armatures, the legs will hold their shape and be more resistant to bending into awkward positions. I don't plan to put armatures in the legs of any of the dolls in the edition, but they will have the same feature in the legs.

The edition dolls will also have elbow armatures, a skull, spine, drink and wet, and a squishy tummy.

~To make an offer on the available doll, Please send me an email to

~Make an offer and I will let you know if you have made the highest offer or not.

~All the offers are private and confidential.

~The name of collectors who have made an offer to me will not be disclosed.

~I won’t disclose to anyone the amount another collector has offered.

~If someone's offer is higher than your offer, I will let you know but the amount of the other person's offer will not be disclosed.

~If I receive an offer at the end of the time period and two collectors have the same offer, I will honor the first person's offer.

~You are free to make another offer if I received a higher offer than you made.

~There is no additional cost for shipping.

~You will be responsible for any custom taxes charged by the authorities in your country.

~Please be ready to pay within 24 hours after I have stopped receiving offers.

~Please ask any questions about payment before making an offer.

~Please contact me before making an offer with any questions or concerns about shipping.

~Payments will be invoiced through PayPal.

~If you have any questions or concerns about making an offer, please contact me.

~Because the offers are received over a period of days, I will not always be able to respond immediately to every email I receive. My time Zone is EST. I am located in Florida USA, and keep in mind I may be attending to other things or sleeping during the night when your email is received.

Ethan AP (artist proof) Features


Very soft silicone blend silicone

One piece, no joints

21." Long

Approximately 9.5lbs

Head circumference 15"

Flexible neck, easy turning

Elbow armatures

NO Drink and wet,

Anatomically correct Baby Boy

Painted By Claire Taylor

Rooted By Claire Taylor

Neatly manicured finger and toe nails

Realistically painted eyebrows

Rooted upper and lower eyelashes

Skin wrinkles realistically

Soft neck turns realistically

Comes home with outfits, blankets, bottles, and other accessories not seen here

No additional charge for shipping

Please Scroll down and carefully look at all the pictures and video to see his details and how pose-able he is before making an offer because I do not take returns.


Please enjoy his video and pictures







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