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Willow Prototype 2

SOLD Willow Prototype 2 SOLD


The second prototype is SOLD. I will be taking offers above $6,500.00 USD until 9 pm EST Sunday March 31st, 2019. The offers will be confidential and private. I will not discuss with any collectors who has made offers, or what the highest offer is, but I will let you know if you have made the highest offer at the time you place the offer. If I receive a higher offer, I will let you know you no longer have the highest offer. You are free to make another offer if I recieved a higher offer than you made. There is no additional cost for shipping. You will be responsible for any custom taxes charged by the authorities in your country. Please be ready to pay within 24 hours after the close of offers. Please ask any questions about payment before making an offer. Please contact me before making an offer with any questions or concerns about shipping. To make an offer, Please contact me at Payments will be invoiced through PayPal. If you have any questions about Payment please contact me before making an offer.

If you would like to learn more about the Willow Kit, Click Here to Go to her webpage


Willow Prototype 2 Features


Very soft silicone blend silicone

One piece, no joints

21.5" Long

Approximately 9lbs

Head circumference 15"

Flexible neck, easy turning

Elbow armatures

Drink and wet,

African Baby Boy

Painted By Claire Taylor

Rooted By Claire Taylor

Neatly manicured finger and toe nails

Realistically painted eyebrows

Rooted eyelashes

Fine Baby hairs painted along the hair line

Skin wrinkles realistically

Soft neck turns realistically

Comes home with outfits, blankets, bottles, and other accessories not seen here

No additional charge for shipping

Please Scroll down and carefully look at all the pictures and video to see her details and how posable she is before making an offer because I do not take returns.


Please enjoy his video





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