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DWAYNE Full Silicone Doll


Dwayne is a portrait sculpt of Dwayne, grandson of Nada Simkova Director of the Museum of Dolls and Teddy bears in the Czech Republic. Dwayne is available as a full silicone doll and also as a Vinyl Kit. Click here to see the Vinyl Kit.

Dwayne is a newborn sculpt. Scroll down to see pictures of the real baby Dwayne and pictures of the asleep baby not yet pictured in in silicone. I will have new pictures of Dwayne very soon and also pictures of the Asleep baby in silicone will be posted as soon as they are available.

New Information: Due to many collector's requests, Dwayne is also going to be made into a one piece silicone like April and Kayden with a drink and wet system. He will have all the features like Kayden Spine, squishy tummy and armatures, drink and wet. I do not have pictures as yet, but I will eventually put up a video when I have completed the first doll. the price for The DRINK & WET Dwayne is $10,000. with lay away up to 9 months. Dwayne is available as a BOY OR GIRL. The NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is $2,000. Please email me if you would like to order your Dwayne

Dwayne's edition will be custom made to order.

The Dwayne dolls will start going home after July 2017.

Dwayne's edition is limited to 5 of each  of the dolls, 5 awake and 5 asleep.

Dwayne has a jointed neck and his body is poured in one piece.


Or you can choose the whole doll is one piece silicone. There are no options for the Dwayne poured in one piece, the one piece doll comes with all the options.

your choice awake or asleep,

Boy or Girl

Dwayne is 19.5" long

weight 7lbs, 8 oz.

full soft silicone body.

price $6,500.00 USD

Dwayne is very soft flexible silicone able to be easily positioned to curl his legs and hold his arms to his chest, but you can add a Squishy tummy, a spine. or armatures. Squishy tummy, $950 USD, a spine $1200 USD, armatures in the arms $500 USD, and/or leg, $500 USD, additional cost.

. Deposit $1,500.00 USD and layaway up to 6 months. Contact me at with your paypal ID when you are ready to be invoiced to reserve your baby Dwayne

Please enjoy some more pictures of the newborn baby Dwayne. I will update to add more pictures of the asleep baby Dwayne in silicone as soon as they are available.




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