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Jacky by Lilianne Breedveld, Prototype by Claire Taylor Full Silicone Baby Girl

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Claire Taylor’s Prototype Jacky  by  Lilianne Breedveld Deres

An Amazingly Realistic Full Silicone Baby Girl


Jacky is being listed here because her bidder didn't follow through with payment after the auction. Her price is reduced because here there are no final value fees like on eBay.

This listing is for one solid silicone anatomically correct baby girl doll, 

Jacky by Liliane Breedveld Deres.

Please read through all the information before asking questions. 

Please don't ask me to make a custom doll because I am no longer taking any orders for custom dolls.

This is a Very Soft solid platinum silicone baby doll.  Jacky was sculpted by Lilianne Breedveld Deres and she was reproduced in silicone Very soft silicone by Claire Taylor Dolls, and brought to life by me, Claire Taylor. 

Unlike a vinyl doll she is not manufactured, she is handmade and her silicone may have little nuances typical in handmade silicone dolls.


The Jacky prototype is made from a blank silicone kit edition from Lilianne Breedveld Deres.
If you would like a Jacky Kit Please contact Lilianne.


Jacky is a 19.5 inches / 45cm baby doll with her legs bent, and 21.25 inches /54cm if her legs were straight; she weighs 8lbs 12 oz./ 4kg, and has a head circumference of 14 inches/ 35.5cm. Jacky is poured in Prosthetic Grade platinum silicone which is safe to be held against human skin. Jacky’s hair is premium angora mohair directionally micro rooted; her eyelashes are also rooted. Her eyebrows are painted. Jacky has an open mouth with gums, and a tongue; she takes a full newborn pacifier, and she can also take a bottle. She has been carefully painted with many many layers of platinum silicone paint, with details such as mottling, blushing, veins and carefully manicured fingernails and toenails. She is very well painted and her silicone looks like a real baby’s skin.

 Jacky is an Adult’s collectible doll, and is not intended to be a child’s play-doll, she should be handled gently just like you would a real baby. 

She comes home with her certificates,  her bottle,  the outfits and accessories seen in the pictures and more; She will not come home with photography props.

I have added a video so you can see how her silicone moves.


I have been making dolls for 37 years and silicone dolls for 10 years and I strive to make my dolls to be as realistic as possible. Photographs and videos are only a shadow of the true realism of my dolls, collectors repeatedly tell me how much more realistic my dolls are when seen personally and are they often mistaken for real babies. Collectors also tell me they love the rooting and the attention to detail of my dolls; unless you have seen one of my dolls personally it is hard to imagine how much more realistic they are in person.



This baby doll is not a toy, she is an Adult’s collectible doll, and is not intended to be a child’s play-doll,

Silicone dolls should be handled as gently as you would a real baby. 



Jacky Details

 Reborn  and poured by Claire Taylor

  Limited Edition Kit by Lilianne Breedveld Deres

Very Soft Platinum silicone poured by Claire Taylor Dolls

 Soft prosthetic grade/ Safe against human skin very Soft platinum silicone

 Length 19.5 inches / 45cm with her legs bent & 21.25 inches /54cm if her legs were straight

 Weighs 8 lbs 12 oz./ 4kg

 Head circumference of 14 inches/ 35.5cm

 Jointed neck turns easily 

  Micro rooted premium light brown mohair

 Carefully painted and manicured fingernails and toenails

 She takes a full newborn pacifier

 Comes with a bottle, pacifier and, outfits shown in the pictures and more

 Her skin-tones are achieved by layers of platinum silicone paint and sealed with a matte sealer so the silicone does not shine.

The micro-rooted hair was done personally by Claire directionally rooted so it will keep the general original 



Please feel free to ask questions not addressed here about purchasing Jacky before purchasing. 


Purchasing details. 


International buyers, You will be responsible for all customs fees and taxes assigned by your Country’s laws.

 This baby  is an Adult’s collectible doll, she is not a toy; she is not intended as a child’s play-doll,

and should be handled as gently as you would a real baby.  

This is an Artist made silicone doll, these type of dolls are handmade dolls, this doll is not manufactured, and although carefully made in an artist’s studio she may have slight imperfections which is not considered flaws. This doll was molded and reproduced all by hand by me Claire Taylor, in my studio.

 The pictures below have not been altered, but they were taken in different lighting situations.


Please enjoy Jacky’s pictures. I hope you will bring this beautiful baby home to be with you.



Thanks for visiting with me Mommy, I’ll be home with you soon.


I will ship from Homestead Florida within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment. 

Shipping in the USA is free. 

Outside the USA is free by USPS Priority Mail Express International.



About Us

Hi, my name is Claire Taylor; I create from scratch the dolls you see here at for Claire Taylor Dolls LLC.  I hand sculpt from clay and  make everything for them except the clothing accessories and the eyes.  I have been making dolls for over thirty years.  My favorite dolls to sculpt are portraits of children and babies. Recently I have been more focused on silicone dolls more specifically  full silicone baby dolls. I also have produced vinyl kits, and Silicone doll kits. I strive for constant improvement and  try to make my dolls as realistic as babies from the hand of the Creator as I possibly can. I am a wife and mother, I have a handsome husband  and  5 beautiful children.  Although I started making dolls in 1982, I only started making my dolls available  on eBay in 2006.  I enjoy presenting dolls to you to be additions to your collections and hope you enjoy collecting them as much as I enjoy making them. For now I will continue to enjoy making dolls and kits available to you. And, Thank you so much for your interest in my dolls.


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