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Silicone GabyGail SOLD OUT

New Baby for 2017

GabyGail is sold out in Silicone, But you can still pre-order a vinyl kit, Click Here....

GabyGail is my new silicone baby for 2017. GabyGail will be available as a cloth body silicone doll and as a vinyl kit. This page is for the silicone doll. Please click here to get her vinyl kit.

Introducing GabyGail, a No Frills Baby…..

There are only a few GabyGail dolls still available.
Many collectors have asked me for more affordable babies. Many collectors have also asked me to paint my silicone kits. So, I decided to try just once to do a painted edition of affordable babies instead of doing a kit. I enjoy making high quality babies so I decided to make an edition of a no frills babies to keep them more affordable. I don't know if I'll be doing a no frills babies again, I'll see how this goes and then decide.  

GabyGail is a silicone cloth body baby that will also be available as a vinyl kit.
GabyGail is 23", has a detailed open mouth with, full arms and legs, GabyGail comes with no others outfits, except for a personalized set of clothing, a bottle, a pacifier and a personalized blanket. GabyGail's adoption fee is $2495.00 with free shipping worldwide. Her edition size is 30 including asleep babies and awake babies. I am not assigning an edition number to the awake or asleep babies, the edition number is inclusive of both babies, and the amount of each will be dictated by the orders. I am taking orders for GabyGail in silicone, her NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is $500 and there will be up to 4 months to pay off the balance before shipping your baby. The length of time before receiving your baby will depend on the amount of orders ahead of your baby.

GabyGail comes in a simple all white personalized outfit and blanket. The first four babies pictured are available to be shipped on Monday February 13th , 2017 after they have received their outfits.

 You can email me at when you are ready to be invoiced for one one of the available babies or to put a GabyGail on lay away. You have your choice of skin-tone, eye color and hair color.

GabyGail 23”

Cloth body baby

Glass eyes

Head circumference 15"

Open detailed mouth

Full arms and legs

Directionally micro-rooted Angora Mohair

No frills baby, one personalized  outfit, blanket, pacifier and bottle

GabyGail #1


GabyGail #2


GabyGail #3


GabyGail #4




GabyGail #6


GabyGail #7


GabyGail #8


GabyGail #9


GabyGail #10


GabyGail #11


GabyGail #12


GabyGail #13


GabyGail #14


GabyGail #15


GabyGail #16



The babies in the pictures below are all waiting on their outfits.


Below are WIP (Work In Progress) GabyGail
Yes! she is shiny, I’m still painting but they won't be shiny after I seal and matte them. I will have them ready for adoption as soon as I have the painting finished and root them.







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