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Claire Taylor Dolls is the Official website for the Artist Claire Taylor.
Claire Taylor’s silicone baby dolls are handmade art, made one at a time completely by the artist. Making these dolls is a time intensive process, and only few completed dolls become available. Claire Taylor Sculpts from pictures of real babies in clay, and then she molds her sculptures and makes Silicone Limited Editions, which are replicas of her sculpted babies. Claire makes her babies as close to a real live baby as she possibly can, she likes to replicate newborn babies as closely as possible. The Fine Art that goes into each and every one of her babies is very time intensive because Claire does every aspect of making her dolls by herself from start to finish, sculpting, molding, rooting each hair one at a time, and even her own photography. Because of all the work that goes into her baby dolls, Claire only makes a limited amount of her absolutely lifelike baby dolls available every year.
Scroll down the page to see dolls she has made in the past and click on the pictures to visit the web page of the dolls you like. Please keep in mind this website is mostly a gallery to see dolls she made in the past. The dolls have already been sold unless they are marked as available. The editions that are marked “Sold Out” are already completed editions and will never be made again.

GabyGail and Dwayne Vinyl kits are available click on the store link above.

Aspen & Abbie Vinyl kits


Asleep Sayge Full Silicone Kits


Courtni #2 is SOLD #3 will be available soon


Courtni Full Silicone Baby #1 is SOLD, #3 will be available soon


Alex & Ashby Kits Are Available


Willow kits are SOLD OUT, The edition is completed, there will be no more kits available.

Willow awake Prototype #3 (SOLD)


Ethan #6 full silicone doll is (SOLD)


Willow Silicone SOLD OUT


Sayge and Tate Silicone doll Kits SOLD OUT


Prototype Teddy Breedveld


dwayne vinyl kit

Dwayne Vinyl Kits Are Available Now



GabyGail Vinyl Reborn Kits LE 500 !AVAILABLE NOW!


The dolls below are already Sold Out

They will not be available from me again. The pictures are still available for you to see Dolls I did in the past. Click on the pictures to visit their web page. Subscribe to my mailing list to know when I have new babies available.


Dwayne Full Silicone Doll SOLD OUT


Charles Micro preemie silicone baby doll

Charles micro preemie full silicone doll SOLD OUT


Carla full silicone micro preemie SOLD OUT


April full silicone !SOLD OUT!


GabyGail silicone doll

GabyGail Silicone Doll SOLD OUT




Kayden full silicone Sold Out


Lihwa  Sold Out

ivy Breedveld

Ivy Breedveld is has been adopted


jenna kitjanna kit

Jenna Solid Silicone Kit Sold Out


janjan silicone doll by claire taylor

JanJan Silicone Baby SOLD OUT


Princess doll

One Little Princess Doll a doll is Sold Out



JanJan Silicone Ethnic girl Baby has been adopted


Jenna Silicone Doll

Jenna Prototype 2 has been adopted


Jenna is available on eBay, her auction ends 11-3-15


Zadia Full silicone baby doll SOLD OUT



Andrew Full Silicone baby doll SOLD OUT


Olivia Silicone Doll, by Claire Taylor

Olivia Full body Silicone Baby SOLD OUT


Faith Full silicone doll Sold Out


Olivia Full body Silicone Baby Awake and Asleep Sold out


Hope Full Silicone Doll Sold out


Leigh Kewy Awake Silicone Kit Sold Out


Hope Is available on eBay Sold


 Charity silicone kit

Charity isSold Out


 hope silicone doll

Full Body Silicone Kit Hope Sold Out


Leigh Kewy Silicone kit

Leigh Kewy Silicone Kit Sold Out


Edward Silicone Kit SOLD OUT


Finley Huti

Finley Huti #5 Now on eBay Sold


William Silicone Kit by Claire Taylor

William silicone kit "Sold Out"


Zadia Auction

Zadia's Auction ends Mar 31, 2013 Sold


silicone doll

Prototype 2 Zhen Asleep Available on eBay SOLD






Zhen silicone kit" Sold Out"


ZhooZhoo orangutan baby doll

ZhooZhoo is available on eBAy



Ellie silicone kit

Ellie Silicone Kit " Sold Out"




Preemie Nesiah full silicone baby

Petite Nesiah Silicone Preemie



Janika full body soft silicone baby Sold Out


Click here to order Your Zasha Kit



Petite Nesiah Silicone Preemie !Still Available!

Petite Nesiah Silicone Preemie !Still Available



Jessie Vinyl Kit



The dolls below are all sold out...

Click on the pictures to see their web page

Stefanie Solid Silicone Newborn


Zoe 22" Solid Silicone Sold Out


Amelia Silicone newborn Sold Out


2010 DOTY Industry's Choice WinnerSold Out

Allie Doll

Allie Sold Out

Curtis Doll

Curtis Sold Out


Preemie baby

2010 DOTY Industry's Choice Winner SOld OUT


Jeanine LE 20 Solid Silicone Sold Out


silicone babies

JunJie Solid Silicone Sold Out


silicone babies

Adriana Solid Silicone Sold out



Simon Sold Out



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